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Unbiased Report Exposes the Unanswered Questions on American Dream Essay Samples

Unbiased Report Exposes the Unanswered Questions on American Dream Essay Samples A Startling Fact about American Dream Essay Samples Uncovered Lots of people would say yes. Therefore, they can contribute to the society as well as developing themselves. Not only does this change in accordance with your surroundings as time passes, but additionally it changes as you become older and you become more mature and responsible. By dwelling previously can lead to obsession and misfortune. American Dream Essay Samples - Overview The American dream is still accessible today as there are many opportunities and ways to receive your career going. The difficulty to maintain a job and stay financially stable can be terribly significant. Everyone has different jobs that may control how successful they are, or wish to be. People have equal chance for achievement. What Is So Fascinating About American Dream Essay Samples? All the characters in The Great Gatsby long for more than that whic h they have and attempt to in several tactics to sate their requirements. Even though some individuals have difficulties to meet their American Dream, a huge majority is living the American Dream. There's no obvious definition of the term American Dream', so all of us have the freedom to make it correspond her or his own targets. On the surface of it, the plot appears to be a typical story of broken hopes and expectations. The American Dream is designed to be a method of life attainable to all Americans. It allows anyone to reach for his or her dream. Need to have a winner, 2012. Ok, I Think I Understand American Dream Essay Samples, Now Tell Me About American Dream Essay Samples! The baby needs to be a lovely fool to be able to be happy and successful. Just be sure that it is something which you require, not just something which you desire in the brief term. You might also speak of the privation in different countries where it is impossible to have a whole passion or possibly to dream. He never compromised on the reality which she's married to somebody else. Naturally there's much more to the essay than only the opening but a wonderful essay is going to have good opening. Perhaps there's a perception that every essay ought to be finished with a bang. It's so obvious to observe every time a student has chosen well so far as the subject of their essay is concerned. When writing an essay a st udent is anticipated to present points that make it simple to attain the American dream. At length, you compose a concluding paragraph which summarizes all the points that you've made. To each theme plays in the important character or did it is the excellent gatsby is a fast and effortless way. Even much better is the scenario whereby the superb story is all about an important ideal that's held dear amongst a larger portion of the general public. All you will need is to bring another story in addition to this place, and upgrade your vehicle and, all set! One other important symbol is the sign of time. Having freedom or equality will stay part of the American Dream and will remain achievable for everyone in the united states. Each American can present their special reply to this question, but there's an underlying element of succeeding and prosperity. As stated in the past paragraph it is possible to attain a good quantity of money from any work here in The United States which can assist you out a fantastic deal in a quest for the American Dream. It's possible here in the United States to find anything you would like as long as you have sufficient money for it. Every US citizen invests her or his own ideas about the ideal future. A nation which operates under no laws with freedom provided to the powerful men and women. The True Meaning of American Dream Essay Samples Even though the American Dream is still valid these days, it might not be achievable for all Americans. High School freshmen are quite similar. Many students think that High School opens the door to numerous freedoms, like staying out late into the evening. Burlington teacher Jerry George said, We've been taking part within this essay contest for a variety of years. American Dream Essay Samples: the Ultimate Convenience! Being in control doesn't necessaril y mean you will get a better life. The expectation that one facet of this bigger ideal could control a person's happiness contributed to the downfall of the American Dream in addition to society. All these factors comprise the American dream and exist as a goal for each and every man or woman who's attempting to reach it. The new methods for life has an effect on the man and their dream. On the flip side, the American Dream is still somewhat less accessible as it was before because attaining and attempting to maintain a job is easily the most difficult. Hard work and healthiness are a few things that add to the progression of the American dream. Just those very small changes on the planet can influence this dream.

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Opioid Crisis In Veterans - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1415 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/04/15 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Veterans Essay Did you like this example? The opioid crisis has become one of the most overwhelming and relevant issue of our time. It is estimated that 13.5 million people take opioids globally (WHO, 2017). Nationally, ninety one American deaths per day, for the last fifteen years, are due to opioids (Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 2017). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Opioid Crisis In Veterans" essay for you Create order In our state of South Carolina, in 2016, five hundred and fifty people died as a result of opioid overdoses. (SCDHEC, 2017). The statistics of the opioid addiction are alarming and the rates are increasing due to opioid medications being over prescribed by pharmaceutical professionals. Behavioral and environmental risk factors also are playing a role in addiction taking over, which can include family, friends, school, living situation, the abuse of other drugs, and chronic pain. Although this issue affects many age groups, and races, we have decided to focus on the target population of the military and veterans. When veterans return back home after serving our country they suffer from mental and physical chronic pain. Most veterans battle chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) and seek medical help from professionals who prescribe opioid drugs. According to Barbara Goldberg, fifteen percent of U.S. military rely on opioids following deployment, compared to four percent of the general population (Goldberg, 2017). Through our research we hope to provide a better understand of why veterans are a target population of the opioid epidemic, what the risk factors are contributing to their high statistics, and how we can begin to use best practices to overcome the problem at stake. Therefore our research question stands: Why is the opioid crisis so severe in veterans of the armed forces and how can we begin to start them on t he road to recovery? The opioid crisis has become a more prevalent issue just recently in the last 20 years when drugs such as oxycontin were approved as a safe pain pill to be taken when prescribed by doctors. Our question is aimed at why do opioids pose such a threat to veterans. We want to try and understand why doctors in veterans hospitals are continuing to prescribe these addictive medications knowing that the United States has an opioid crisis right now. The question we are answering is extremely important in finding a solution due to the fact that these veterans are fighting for our lives overseas and when they come back we are not fighting for them. They represent a population that is underserved when it comes to being treated for disorders like PTSD and injuries resulting from war. These veterans choose to take and become dependant on these drugs for many reasons. Boulder Crest Retreat is a place veterans of war can attend at no cost to start a road to recovery, the Institute was formed to deve lop, deliver, study and scale Posttraumatic Growth-based solutions to struggle â€Å" including trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression and suicidality (Press Release Newswire, 2018). By attending these retreats they can start bettering themselves before they turn to prescription drugs for help. According to a publication written by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there has been a zero tolerance policy that has been enforced since 1982. This policy can become a problem once they are finished with their time in the armed forces because they have no tolerance for any drugs being prescribed, meaning any drug can become addictive. We feel that by implementing a change invoking solution to the care of these veterans, it will lower the statistics of using prescription drugs. There are many other sources that mention opioid issues in the military or even after, and some even speak about changes and steps to recovering properly for these veterans. However, by approaching this question of Why is the opioid crisis so severe in veterans of the armed forces and how can we begin to start them on the road to recovery? we can try to combine all of the knowledge we have fou nd and address the question using many different areas of the crisis, including business, mental issues, physical issues, health care accessibility and overall adequate care. The length that the opioid crisis has stretched is far beyond what most of us realize. After veterans have spent so many years fighting for our country, they come back home to fight another issue: the opioid crisis. Everyday, the opioid crisis kills roughly one hundred Americans and veterans are twice as likely to die from an overdose than civilians, a Department of Veterans Affairs study showed (Centerstone). A large amount of prescribed medications for the military are opioids and for any pain management opioids are the first go to. A study performed in 2014 concluded that 40% of the American military has chronic pain and 15% of those individuals use opioids to combat it (Providers Clinical Support System, 2017). Unfortunately, these numbers continue to rise. Research done at the University of Texas provided interesting information into the trends of the opioid crisis (Kazanis et al., 2018). In 2011, there was a decrease in both civilian and veterans populations, but more so among veterans. Between 2011 and 2013 there were continuous declines and largely in part due to policies put in place by the Department of Defense (DoD). A minor part of the decline can be attributed to changes in the veteran population and amount of opioids prescribed. The DoD has been working to lower the rate of opioid prescriptions and when the prescriptions are necessary, they are trying to prevent the misuse. According to the Army Times, many are working diligently to combat pain that soldiers experience early on (Curthoys, 2018). Through being proactive, they can reduce the amount of opioid misuse and at the same time address issues that soldiers experience. Majority of soldiers return home with a whole host of issues. Cpl. Darin Adams returned home with back pain, an injury that had never been addressed when it occurred (Schumaker Almendrala). Now, back in America he has to deal with the pain every day and uses opioids to combat it. Another study was performed after 9/11 in 2013 showed how vicious the opioid cycle has become. Joel, injured by a bomb, was prescribed any pill that he asked for even though he showed signs of addiction. He stated that he could get almost 500 pills at a time without anyone questioning it. This was standard protocol for many years until officials started looking into the doctors. More education was put in place and other measures were considered before going straight to pills. While the DoD is aware of the dangers that this crisis is inflicting upon the military population, much still has to be done to completely eradicate this problem. The opioid crisis in our military and veterans is too large to be ignored. These men and women are fighting to keep us safe and ensure our rights, but the fight for them is far from over once they return home. Our project is geared to find the source of the opioid problem in the military and offer alternatives. One alternative to opioids that has been introduced has been the use of acupuncture for pain. According to a study conducted by the Military Healthcare System, findings of this study were consistent with physician-provided efforts to control pain, and top diagnoses were similar between active- and nonactive-duty beneficiaries. These data are in line with meta-analyses showing that acupuncture was more effective than placebo for addressing pain conditions, including headache, knee and back pain, neck disorders, and peripheral osteoarthritis (Madsen, 2018). This study is just one example that there are alternatives to opioids that we are simply ignoring. Other alternatives, according to Military Medicine, include prescription monitoring programs, sole provider programs, and quality of care metrics (Sharpe, 2014). These alternatives provide a multitude of benefits. While monetary benefits are important to the success of a project, we are more focused on the social benefits. Military members struggle to live normal lives when they come home due to an addiction that they were prescribed. With the alternatives to opioids described above, we believe that current military members and veterans have a chance to end their addictions to opioids. The benefits of reducing opioid use range from quality time with family and friends, increased overall health, and even financial benefits. While our alternatives are not free, they are a much healthier and safer option. We hope that, with the reduction in opioid use, that service members and veterans will be able to return to who they were before they were addicted. These benefits will not be immediate, but with support and time, will be worth it.

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The Effects of Juvenile Diabetes on Children - 9802 Words

THE EFFECTS OF JUVENILE DIABETES IN CHILDREN Submitted by Jonah de Vera Johanna Marie Nicolas Business Department Assumption College San Lorenzo Village, Makati March 6, 2008 I. Introduction Diabetes was known way back by physicians of Ancient Greece and named as such and means â€Å"siphon† in Greek and was not as spectacular as it is now. Doctors and scientists think diabetes may be caused by viruses, genetics and environmental factors such as obesity and lack of exercise. Diabetes is one of the major leading causes of death in the Philippines. In 2002, it was the 6th leading cause of death in the United State alone. It cost US $ 132 billion per year for direct and indirect costs on the part of the†¦show more content†¦2. To study the different emotions involved in having Juvenile diabetes and how to cope with it. 3. To give proper ways of treatment and management of Juvenile diabetes in children. A. Significance of the Study Each individual is unique. No man is an island. It doesn’t mean that we have a disorder or disease; we would be different from other people. Diabetes is a serious disease and is very alarming. The signific ance of this study is to open the minds of the people that children with Juvenile diabetes needs more love, care and attention than any other material things in this world. Not only should Juvenile diabetes be given attention but also other diseases as well. The researchers wanted to have a better understanding of the emotional state of the children with Juvenile diabetes and that there are several ways to cope with their emotions and the disease as well. Lastly, the significance of this study is to encourage these children that their sickness is not a hindrance to them but rather a key to move on in life. Delimitation In order to achieve the objectives of the project, the researchers would gather information about juvenile diabetes and come up with a summary of the topic. The researchers would also go to hospitals such as National Children’s Hospital in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City in schools such as Sacred Heart Academy and Immaculate ConceptionShow MoreRelatedA Research Study On Juvenile Diabetes1243 Words   |  5 Pageswas encountered on the day of care. Juvenile Diabetes Experiencing juvenile diabetes through the eyes of a school nurse has enabled me to identify how this disease affects our youth. According to Medscape, Juvenile Diabetes is a condition that prevents the pancreas from production of insulin due to the â€Å"autoimmune destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas†. This can all be overwhelming for a child due to the requirement of constant care, affected children must learn how to give injections, countRead MoreChildhood Obesity : A Epidemic Of Today s Youth1108 Words   |  5 Pagestoday,s youth, this question can cause a child to be a statistic of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is one of the United States most leading medical epidemic of today’s youth. According to the Center for Disease Control, seventeen percent of children or about twelve and a half million adolescents between the ages of two and nineteen years, suffer from this disease. (www.huffington post.com//childhoodobesityrates.) There are many factors as to what contributes to these extremely high statisticalRead MoreJuvenile Diabetes1364 Words   |  6 PagesJuvenile mellitus diabetes is a commonly a type 1 diabetes. This form of diabetes is a condition with a disordered metabolism. It is exhibited in high glucose levels due to lack of or insufficiency of insulin secretion in the pancreas organ. It happens in such a way that when a juvenile eats food it is broken down into glucose. The sugar has propensity of exceeding bloodstream into certain body cells using a hormone known as the insulin. This hormone is manufactured in the pancreas. Usually theRead MoreTypes Of Diabetes Mellitus And Treatment For Each Type1563 Words   |  7 PagesDiabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that occurs in millions of Americans. It occurs when the body cannot secrete insulin or when the insulin secreted is not effectively utilized. This disease can be silent in the beginning stages yet deadly once the organs suffer severe damage along with the nerves and blood vessels. Type one and type two diabetes are comparable but have many differences which will be discussed. Introduction Statistics list diabetes as being the 7th deadliest diseaseRead MoreAdult Diabetes And Insulin Dependent Type Diabetes Mellitus ( Iddm )1624 Words   |  7 PagesType I Diabetes Type I Diabetes was once referred to as Juvenile Diabetes or Insulin Dependent type Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM). Type 1 diabetes, is an incurable but treatable disease which can occur at any age but is mostly found in children. Couch et al. (2008) states, â€Å"Juvenile diabetes affects about 1 in every 400-600 children and more than 13,000 are diagnosed yearly† (pg. 1). A 2014 CDC fact sheet concerning diabetes, showed that, â€Å"In adults, type 1 diabetes accounts for approximately 5%Read MoreDiabetes Mellitus : A Lifelong Disease935 Words   |  4 PagesDiabetes mellitus is a lifelong disease that lessens the body’s ability to use energy found in food. There are three major types of diabetes including type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. People with diabetes cannot break down the sugars and carbohydrates found in food. The main type of sugar the body uses for energy is glucose; Glucose is the special sugar that fuels the cells in your body. These cells also need insulin, which is a hormone that uses glucose to turn into energy for cells. WithRead MoreDiabetes Mellitus : A Disease Affecting Multi Organ System1190 Words   |  5 PagesDiabetes mellitus or DM is a disease affecting multi-organ systems due to the abnormal insulin production, improper insulin usage or even both. It is a very serious health problem throughout the world effecting thousands of people.A survey conducted in United States showed that almost 6.2% of the population suffers from this disease. It is a matter of great issue that almost one -third of the population is unaware of the disease. Incidence Diabetes is actually the fifth leading cause of deathsRead MoreDiabetes : Juvenile Onset And Type I1676 Words   |  7 Pages Diabetes: Juvenile Onset and Type I Amber Ann Laudicina BY105 – Human Biology Professor Nicole Browning November 11, 2014 â€Æ' When people think of diabetes, they think it is one generalizable disease and fail to realize there are two main categories of diabetes, Type I and II. Type I is hereditary and is caused when insulin cannot be produced at all compared to Type II is when little insulin can be produced by the pancreas over time. There are several warning signs to prevent or help withRead MoreThe Treatment Of Juvenile Diabetes1232 Words   |  5 PagesIn 1980, there were zero cases of juvenile diabetes. However, because of unhealthy habits and nutrition in America, the cases of juvenile diabetes increased up to 57,636 in 2010. Over the past several decades, people have been establishing fast- food restaurants and processed foods. Instead of cooking meals at home, people have been going out to eat and buying foods that come in packages and cans, containing high in fats, sugars, carbohydrates, etc. Because of this, scientists and experts have beenRead MoreDiabetes Mellitus As A Chronic Metabolic Disorder Essay1622 Words   |  7 Pages Chapter - 23 Diabetes Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder that prevents the body to utilise glucose completely or partially. It is characterised by raised glucose concentration in the blood and alterations in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. This can be due to failure in the formation of insulin or liberation or action. Since insulin is produced by the p cells of the islets of Langerhans, any receding in the number of functioning cells will decrease the amount

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Advance Financial Accounting Business Organization

Question: Describe about the Advance Financial Accounting for Business Organization. Answer: 1: In a business organisation, there could be different parties, who play important roles in business operation and management. In this context, it can be said that the owners, managers and other staffs in an organisation are to be considered as internal parties of a business organization, as these parties are directly related with the operations of business. Business regulators and legal frameworks of a country make it mandatory to remunerate these parties. But in case of the outsiders of the business organisation, there is no such laws or regulations, which permits to remunerate the outsiders or external stakeholders of a business organisation. There are different views regarding remunerating the stakeholders of a business organisation. Some of the theories state that as the external parties are also the stakeholders of a business, they are to be given credit for operations of a business. Customers are also to be taken as important external shareholders and they are to given incentives[1]. The customers are to be remunerated by gifts and discounts. Such incentives could help the business managers to minimise the cost of operations. Suppliers are also to be considered as an important external party to a business organisation and incentives are to be provided to them as discount. These incentives could increase sales and facilitate supply of goods. Therefore, probable losses could be decreased by those incentive schemes. 2: In the books of Bells Beach Tourist Operations Journals Date Particulars Amount ($) Amount ($) Dr Cr 7/1/2013 Airframe A/c Dr 12000000 Engine A/c Dr Fittings A/c Dr To Bank A/c 12000000 [Being Aircraft purchased with the following compositions] 6/30/2014 Depreciation on Airframe A/c Dr 1142800 To Accumulated Depreciation on Airframe A/c 1142800 [Being depreciation charged on airframe] 6/30/2014 Depreciation on Engine A/c Dr 700800 To Accumulated Depreciation on Engine A/c 700800 [Being depreciation charged on engine] 6/30/2014 Depreciation on Fittings A/c Dr 12000 To Accumulated Depreciation on Fittings A/c 12000 [Being depreciation charged on fittings] Workings Depreciation on Airframe $ Cost of airframe 6600000 Scrap value 150000 Estimated life (years) 15 Depreciation per annum on straight line basis 430000 Depreciation on Engine $ Cost of Engine 4800000 Estimated life (hours) 20000 Working hours in current accounting year (hours) 2920 Current year depreciation 700800 Depreciation on Fittings $ Cost of Fittings 60000 Estimated life (years) 5 Depreciation per annum on straight line basis 12000 Total depreciation for the current accounting year Particulars Amount ($) Total depreciation 1142800 3a: Rate of interest implicit in the lease 25% Present value of the minimum lease payment (350,000 35,000) 315,000 3b: In the books of Burt Ltd Journals Date Particulars Amount ($) Amount ($) 30-06-2016 Depreciation Expense A/c Dr 180731 To Accumulated depreciation 180731 Lease liability A/c Dr 350000 Interest A/c Dr 350000 To Bank A/c 700000 30-06-2017 Depreciation Expense A/c Dr 180731 To Accumulated depreciation 180731 Lease liability A/c Dr 350000 Interest A/c Dr 262500 To Bank A/c 612500 3c: Financial position as on 30/6/17 Liabilities $ Assets $ Lease liabilities 244384 Lease assets 932923 3d: In the books of Burt Ltd Journals Date Particulars Amount ($) Amount ($) 30-06-16 Rental expense A/c Dr 350000 To cash A/c 350000 30-06-17 Rental expense A/c Dr 350000 To cash A/c 350000 4: Active market: Active market is to be defined as high liquidity market, where trading is made on heavy volume[2]. Existence of active market in case of intangible assets: As defined above, in active market, liquidity of assets are quite high and therefore, it can be said that intangible assets could not be traded in an active market. As mentioned in the problem, brand names and development expenditures are not to be traded in high volume. In such cases, the intangible assets are to be considered as fixed non liquid assets of a company[3]. Moreover, the intangible assets are valued at the fair value, but in active markets, the assets are sold at market value. In this context, it is also to be mentioned that in active market, homogeneous products are sold. Whereas, in case of intangible assets, this criteria could not be met and therefore, it can be said that in active market, there could not be an existence of intangible assets such as brand names and development related expenditures. References: Horngren, Charles T,Financial Accounting(Pearson Australia Group, 2013) Shying, Mark and Ram Subramanian,Accounting Handbook 2013(Pearson Australia for CPA, 2013) (2016) https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20150818/pdf/430kvhrl8cpg0l.pdf

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History Of Singing Styles Essays - Vocal Music, Drama, Opera

History of Singing Styles History of Singing Styles There have been distinct stages in the development of music and particularly singing over the previous hundreds of years. Looking back now we can easily see where certain things interlinked to create a new style or method of singing. From the western side of things, the first significant frame was the operatic movement. This began in the early 1600's with the first ever Opera 1602. It was called Orpheo and was written by Monteverdi. The singing style that existed between 1600 and 1750 was known as Baroque. Baroque basically referred to a pure sound without verbrato. Some words to describe this is ornamental and florid. An example of a composition from this time is Handel's Messiah. Between 1750-1800 was the classical era with many famous composers emerging. One such composer was Mozart who had success with his comic operas and the requiem mass. 1800-1900 was known as the Romantic period. This period started to involve verbrato in the singing. This was a big change from the previous eras as there was focus on a huge sound rather than simplicity. The main element of the romantics was the drama and emotion. A type of style from the Romantic period was Lieder, which is German. Lieder were full of emotion and drama. It played an important role in the development of opera and involved piano and voice duets. The contrast between Romantic and Classical is that woman usually sang the latter. On the other hand men mostly sang Romantics. From 1900 onwards came diversity. Opera expanded into different areas with once such area being called atonal. As with many of these styles, the Germans devised this and it was a great strain to the singers. Atonal was made up of non-singing things like shouting, whispering, screaming, muttering and laughing. Once such 20th century vocal performance in this style was Verklaerte Nacht (The Transfigured night) by Sceoenberg. It was made up of a mixture of the usual atonal style and also had no singing at all. Movement around the stage rhythmically was present. This bizarre style of music ended around 1940 and with Wagner plus his long Operas the musicals started. Gilbert and Sullivan made themselves famous by writing successful comical operas. This passed through with My Fair Lady and Guys and Dolls all the way to Andrew Lloyd Webber and his works. So opera became musicals. The other major influence on today's music came from the Black American culture. Early on black slaves were brought to America and introduced their music to Western culture by singing in the churches etc. This developed the Negro spirituals and eventually along came things like the blues. Artists like Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith grounded a new style of music. Music styles in singing have split up into a wide variety of directions during the 20th century. After Rock'n'Roll came in during the 60's many different ideas of music emerged with things like R and B, Pop, Rap etc all emerging. There is now acceptance of new sounds like an untrained voice singing harshly with Jimmy Barnes being a prime example of this. Music and Singing fashions with what's hot changes each year and it can all be traced back to opera in the 17th century and the black slaves bringing their music to the other side of the world. We have all benefited by this in some way.

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New Public Management and Governance

New Public Management and Governance Over several decades, the implementation of successive policies has led to a complete change of the manner in which the government of Canada regulates the public sector. The most recent reforms concerning the stakeholders governing the public service considerably influenced the political figures such as ministers.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on New Public Management and Governance specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Evidently, the recent policy formulation and advice has lead to the emergence of the New Public Management (NPM) and New Public Governance (NPG) to regulate the government actions. As a result, the government leaders have been entrusted with responsibilities and duties. Additionally, a significant responsibility is bestowed upon the ministers in form of policymaking and implementation. This makes it difficult for the ministers and other political figures in the government to formulate independent policies n ot influenced by the political situation of the country and partisan interests (Thomas 2). Moreover, the newly enacted laws seem to stunt the response to economic stimulus initiated by the government. However, the assumptions concerning the new measures to ensure accountability and transparency are not a total barrier to the functioning of the public service. A survey by the government indicates that the expected response was not realized even with the increased government spending on the public sector. The stimulus plan did not include a strategy to monitor the economy’s response. In this regard, a comprehensive investigation and report demonstrated that the money allocated to the various projects was appropriate. The lack of the political support for a quicker implementation of the projects was evident among the political class. The parliamentarians and municipal authorities who anticipated to be afflicted by the political implications of the failure to meet the set deadlin es were pressuring the state to ease on the deadlines and allow the projects’ implementation at a slower rate. This political pressure forced the federal government to accept the deadlines’ extension for the poorly performing projects and approve the funding of other projects as late as 2010. In 2011, the government extended the deadlines for the completion of the projects with the prime minister asserting that most of the projects would observe the deadline (Johnson 39). An examination of the economic situation in the world and the progress in Canada in particular, indicated that the government did not rely chiefly on the political factors in order to decide on extending the deadline. However, the political situation was a major factor that could have prevented the government from making an independent decision.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The fe deral government officials reported that natural adverse conditions had delayed the completion of most of the lagging projects. In addition, the complexity of some of the projects was a contributing factor to the experienced delays. An Investigation of the government spending indicates that the federal authorities were accountable for most of their actions, but the existing policies and reporting systems hindered the government from conducting a proper evaluation of the projects. The budget is another important aspect of the economy and the government’s plan for economic growth. The government formulates policies for the public sector based on the budget. In addition, the budget is the government projected spending on the public sector welfare. The effectiveness of a budget depends on the government’s policies that govern the use of money at the departmental level in the various public sectors. One problem that afflicts the budget is the power bestowed to the political authorities over the budget. The political leaders are responsible for the budget’s planning and implementation while the experts at the treasury insignificantly influence the budget. Trust is the main basis of interaction between the treasury officials and the political leaders concerning the planning and appropriation of the budget. For an effectively functioning public service, the policies regulating the government’s functions relating to the public service must be non-partisan for them to serve their purpose. The staffing of the public service should be non-partisan for proper functioning. A staffing system free of partisan influence is an essential component of the public service. Recent policies seek to govern the use of different types of labor within the public service. The non-partisan policy is significant in ensuring that the public service staff is able to execute its duties with due independence free of any political interference. The recent creation of the federal accountability act, that strictly regulates the public service actions, seems to nullify the relevance of ethics in the public service. The adoption of official policies as the guidelines to the implementation of all public service duties without including the ethical aspect of accountability in the execution of these duties poses a risk of imbalance. However, this does not mean that the policies should be eliminated for the proper functioning of the public service, but a blend of ethics and rules is necessary for the moderate regulation and promotion of liberal operations in the public sector. A policy that ensures that the public sector relies on the set regulations in its activities will limit the flexibility that is critical for the good performance of the public sector.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on New Public Management and Governance specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In addition, the government s hould be viewed as a malleable system subject to external forces and internal conditions so that the functioning of its public service arm is governed in tandem with the requirements of the current situation. The unpredictable nature of the public sector and its susceptibility to swaying by the economic and social forces requires a moderate approach concerning governance (Hubbard 2009). Moreover, the incorporation of the human nature into governance makes it incapable of conforming to strict expectations and unrealistic requirements. Another impediment to the proper functioning of the public sector is the parliament’s effort to regulate the ministerial officials and monitor the financial situation in their ministries. The parliamentary bodies have sought to hold the deputy minister accountable for the appropriation of funds and the internal activities of the public service (Public Service Commission 4). To secure impartiality in the public administration relationships, the go vernment of Canada needs to reforms its public sector in such a way as to ensure the protection of the public servants from the transparency and scrutiny associated with the modern technology. The watchdog role the legislature has assumed to place the government ministers under scrutiny is retrogressive. Moderation is necessary concerning the system that places professionals under direct control and manipulation by the political class. Although the public service has endured the effects of the political environment for long time, more pressure to conform to the whims of the politicians has been witnessed where expertise and professionalism is of cardinal importance. In this essence, the political influence that accompanies the new public governance is a relative phenomenon. A crucial Ingredient of the governance of the public service is that it should be able to work towards the achievement of the political leadership goals when the political targets are for the public’s bene fits. However, the public service’s independence is essential to ensure that the political class does not exploit it to influence the political mood of the public in any way. The government must be cautious not to hand over the public service’s fate to the politicians since they may use it to further their agenda. Moreover, the use of the public service to achieve personal agendas may threaten its integrity. The new public governance has given the discretion of deciding the direction of the public service to the supreme political leadership that the prime minister represents. The prime minister’s party rarely monitors him, and the partisan power can seldom remove him from his position.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Once the prime minister has assumed office, it is difficult to pressurize his resignation or limit his actions within his constitutional power. Recently, the prime minister has gained control over his deputies such that he is capable of influencing the staffing of the public service departments under the authority of the deputy ministers. This is possible since the prime minister’s control of the deputy ministers is well established. In addition, the influence of the prime minister over his deputies is camouflaged in such a manner that it is mistaken for a public agenda. The political structure propagates this situation since the deputies close to the prime minister blindly propagate his agenda. Some moderate independence of the deputies and the public service is necessary for the effective performance of the public service delivery system (Johnson 28). Furthermore, the ministers are not in a position to hire or dismiss their deputies. Ministers are direct appointees of the p rime minister and will almost certainly respect his decisions regarding appointments no matter how pervasive they may seem. A few radical ministers may seek to challenge the prime minister’s decision, but most of them will not express any kind of objection. Consequently, the prime minister holds immense power over the top echelon of the government. In this essence, the prime minister inevitably holds a significant influence of the public service In some cases of the ministers and deputy prime ministers’ appointments, a consideration about whether the potential appointees are equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to deal with the public service issues is essential. However, for every appointment, political considerations are made and in most cases, the political correctness of the appointment is the more prominent of the considerations. In addition, even those appointees that have sufficient professional qualification in their respective fields cannot dist ance themselves from political influence to match the non-partisan nature of the public service (Thomas 2). Political institution’s appointees are non-professional staff in the public service. However, the current system allows them to seek positions as professionals with fewer odds against them as compared to the professionals who have previously not held political posts. This kind of partial judgment of professionalism seems to indicate the political influence in the public service, which may lead to the public service politicization. Current the centralization of the public service is the major cause of the political influence in the public service. Differentiation and separation of the public service from the political class will serve to lessen the effects of the new public governance. Hubbard, Ruth. Profession: public servant. Ottawa: Invenire Books, 2009. Print. Johnson, David. Thinking Government: Public Administration and Politics in Canada. 3rd ed. Toronto: Univers ity of Toronto Press, 2011. Print. Thomas, Paul. When Machinery of The Government Breaks Down. Optimum online 39.4,December (2009): 2. Print. Public Service Commission. Merit and non-partisanship under the. Ottawa: Public Service Commission of Canada, 2003. Print.

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Power of will and choice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Power of will and choice - Research Paper Example Among many other works of literature we have studied are ‘the hunger games’ by Suzanne and ‘twilight’ by Myer which are all topical and hence the following analysis. Books of literature are normally written to communicate certain topics as shown and the two books are no exception. This paper therefore intends to analyze the thematic representations these two books as they are written in the contemporary US environment. Our analysis revolves around the theme of power in choice as presented within the two books. Power dynamics within the ‘hunger games’ is seen through the eyes of two young persons engaged in the games which are conducted annually with a motive of selecting the district to which food aid would be advanced. The plotting of the story covers the disparity in power between formerly thirteen districts but currently twelve and the capitol, which ideally represents power (Collins, 3-18). The capital district capitol represents the source of power or influence and which is depicted to rule over the rest of the districts. Poverty, hunger and general misery is shown to dominate the twelve districts while great wealth and technological advancement is what characterizes the capitol district. As a way of executing the power, the capitol district invents a mechanism through which food and such other humanitarian aid would be advanced to the rest of the districts through the hunger games, which are conducted annually. Every district therefore selects young representatives who would participate in fighting contests and the winner defines the district, which will receive the food aid over the year. The capitol district is therefore shown to have the capacity and power to advance food aid to the rest of the districts at will though this is not the case. The program to involve the districts in the hunger games is shown through the literature to be informed by the selfish ambitions of the power district to rule through oppressio n. Totalitarian governance in the country is the main thematic depiction of the book, which shows how capitol adopts the games in order to punish the twelve districts because of rebellion in the past, which lead to destruction of the thirteen districts. Besides, the fights, which are televised, serve as entertainment to the capitol while at the same time conveying the message of capitol’s power as well as lack of remorse towards the twelve districts. In fact, this is therefore a clear depiction of power influence and the theme of wrong choices as contrasted with good choices. To begin with, the adoption of such annual games has historically been developed from the fateful rebellion, which led to total destruction of the thirteenth district after all the districts within the country chose to revolt against capitol and its rule. Choice was therefore involved in the decision and the capitol district equally chose to retract through so much power that led to total destruction of one of the districts. Besides, out of choice, the capitol district and its power devised the games, which involve young adults who are selected through lottery to participate. Besides the games being entertaining to the capitol dwellers, they serve as memorial to the power of the capitol district as well as the capitols lack of remorse. It is therefore worth noting that capitol had the capacity to help other districts without engaging them into such deadly wars and rule effectively through equal regard to all persons. This is not however the case as revealed through the mechanisms adopted to exert authority towards the natives of the rest of the d